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People v. Lawson

Description: Client was stopped in Tulare County in a DUI checkpoint and arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. My office obtained documents showing that the breath machine used on my client was unreliable. The DA’s office dismissed the case.

Outcome: Dismissed!

Practice Area: DUI & BUI Defense | Attorney: Jeffrey T. Hammerschmidt

People v. Talia

Description: Client was charged with robbery. A conviction for this offense would have prevented the client from joining the military. The client had been accepted by the military on the condition that it not result in a felony conviction

Outcome: Client pled to a misdemeanor theft and received credit for time served. Client received one day of probation, after which the case was expunged from the record.

Practice Area: Felony Crimes | Attorney: Jeffrey T. Hammerschmidt

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