Congratulations to Mark Broughton for his Newest Publication Titled: Key Forensic Strategies for Criminal Defense Lawyers

Mr. Broughton has published a chapter in Aspatore Publishings: Inside the Minds latest book Utilizing Forensic Science in Criminal Cases. Mr. Broughton’s chapter is titled: Key Forensic Strategies for Criminal Defense Lawyers. This is Mark Broughton’s third published piece that he has written using his vast experience and knowledge in criminal law defense. His other two book chapters are titled:

• Defending DUI Vehicular Homicide Cases (2012) Chapter 1 titled: Turning Over every stone in DUI Homicide Defense

• Homicide Defense Strategies: Leading Lawyers on Understanding Homicide Cases and Developing Effective Defense Techniques (2014) Chapter 3 titled: Understanding and Addressing the Challenges in Homicide and Murder Case