Jeffrey T. Hammerschmidt Discusses The Technology Law Enforcement Are Using To Monitor Private Cell Phones

International spy agencies aren’t the only organizations secretly collecting data from privately owned cell phone. State, and local law enforcement agencies now have the ability to monitor individual cell phones. Law enforcement agencies are now utilizing new phone tapping technologies, including mobile devices that monitor cellphone data in real time. California police agencies have access to equipment capable of capturing information about thousands of cellphone users at a time, whether they are targets of an investigation or not.  Some are questioning the Constitutionality of this dragnet phone tapping technique.

California law enforcement agencies now access to the “Stingray” device, a suitcase-size device that costs as much as $400,000 and acts as a fake cell tower. The system, typically installed in a vehicle so it can be mobile, grabs all nearby phone calls and feeds data to the user. In some states, the devices are available to any local police department via state surveillance units. The federal government funds most of the purchases, via anti-terror grants.

Fresno County criminal defense attorney Jeffrey T. Hammerschimdt tells ABC30’s Corin Hoggard “The growing ability of police departments to easily obtain large amounts of private cellphone data raises questions about the erosion of people’s privacy as well as their Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure.”

Click on the below link watch Jeffrey T. Hammerschimdt and ABC30’s Corin Hoggard discuss how government agencies are listening in on private cell phones, and who wants to limit that ability.

Proposed California law protecting cell phone privacy