HBLC Law Answers: What Can We Do If We Were Wrongly Accused of Causing Our Child’s Death?

Law Question: How am I to get a permitted warrant lifted from me and my wife for something that we didn’t do? It is due to our child that died in our home and on the autopsy they found that she had a bump on her head from where my wife found her in our bathroom at our home. So now they are saying someone in our home killed her. Now they have us to where we need a bondsman to assist us and we can’t get word on a bond. Where are we to go from here?

HBLC Law Answer: You must go speak to a qualified criminal defense attorney as soon as you can regarding your child’s death. These are very difficult cases, and many parents have been subject to prosecution and conviction for something they did not do. I have handled many of these cases, unfortunately, and they are among the most complicated cases on the books, ripe with law enforcement errors, faulty assumptions, foregone medical conclusions, and government “junk science.”

You need to get to an attorney right away, and in the meantime (although I’m sure you and your wife have already done this) do NOT talk to law enforcement at all! Do not even go down to the police station without an attorney with you no matter what they tell you. Do not believe anything they tell you about the incident; they will be dishonest with you to get you to say something incriminating. You may think you have done nothing wrong, and you are probably right, but if you speak to them it is almost guaranteed that you will say something that will be used against you.

Do not post anything about the situation on any social media or emails. It is very important that you speak to an attorney who is experienced in these types of cases, not just any criminal lawyer. The good ones in this area are few and far between, and will be expensive, but you cannot afford to seek anything but the best in this situation.