HBLC Law Answers: If I Already Reported That I Was Raped, Can I Choose To Drop The Charges?

Law Question: Two weeks ago, I pressed charges against two boys who raped me. One of them were my boyfriend’s brother. Before it happened, I sent a text to one of the guys leading on something about sex. It was never set in stone. If it shows up in court, it’ll look terrible in my defense but I’m moving in a few days to escape this nightmare. But in all honesty, I know what they did and how they made me feet belittled and trapped. Could I just drop the charges and let it go because I feel like since I’m moving, that will be my closure instead of having this dragged out for months to a year?

HBLC Law Answer:  Unfortunately, if you already reported it to the police and they are now involved, and particularly if the boys have been arrested, it’s now out of your hands. It is up to the prosecutor to decide whether or not to file and pursue charges. Once the case is filed you have some input, but you don’t control what happens. You will have to testify at some point, unless the boys enter a plea to some charge. The District Attorney (DA) could decide to dismiss the case, but if you have given a truthful statement to the cops already, that is what the DA will rely on whether or not you want to participate. It will be difficult, but you have to tell the truth now that the wheels of justice have begun to roll.