Happy 10 Year Anniversary!

Hammerschmidt Law Corporation is celebrating its 10 year anniversary. On October 15, 2005, Hammerschmidt Law Corporation opened its doors. Since then, the firm has expanded to two Central Valley offices, five attorneys, a full support staff, and a plethora of success.

The firm started when Jeffrey T. Hammerschmidt launched the office as a sole practitioner. Shortly A. Widner Roberson joined the firm followed by attorneys Christina , William A. Parry and Rachel W. Hill, and over ten support staff members.

Over the last ten years, the firm has had countless successful outcomes including victories in high profile cases such as People v. Megan Martzen, Fresno RV v. Paul Evert’s RV Country, People v. Spencer Perkins and People v. Rafael Valdez.

Congratulations to Jeffrey T. Hammerschmidt who originally started the firm, and each of the attorneys and staff members who have helped the firm grow to the success it is today.

If you are in need of a criminal defense attorney, contact the attorneys at Hammerschmidt Law Corporation, 559-233-5333.