Governor Jerry Brown Pardons Citizens

Governor Jerry Brown granted 59 pardons on March 25, 2016. Pardons are granted sparingly to those citizens that show true rehabilitation and live their lives as productive law abiding citizens. A pardon allows for certain rights to be restored, including the right to serve on juries and to possess guns, unless had been convicted of a gun crime. Of those who received pardons on Friday, their charges included nonviolent, drug-related or property crimes, robberies and several weapons charges.

Governor Brown has issued 1,146 pardons total during his time as Governor, the most out of anyone to hold office. He granted 742 in the past five years and 404 during his first eight years in office from 1975-1983, according to his office. In the past, Arnold Schwarzenegger granted 15, Gray Davis granted none, and Pete Wilson granted 13.

The pardon process begins with a certification of rehabilitation. A person is eligible to obtain a Certification of Rehabilitation if:

1. Convicted of a felony and sentence to state prison,
or you were convicted of a misdemeanor sex offense and had that conviction expunged.
2. Released from custody, parole, or probation, and have not re offended.
3. Proof of California residency for at least five years.
4. Proof of satisfactory period of rehabilitation-the amount of time that a person has been free from criminal activity. The wait period in California is 7 to 10 years depending on the conviction.

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