Fresno Motorist Gets 8 Years For Causing Death and Injury in DUI Hit and Run

A man from Fresno has been sentence to eight years for the killing of two people while he was driving under the influence (DUI). The man, Kenneth David Almeda, 48, pleaded no contest in Fesno County Superior Court. He was charged with gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, driving under the influence causing injury and hit and run causing death.

According to police, on September 12, 2010, Almeda was driving under the influence in west Fresno when he drove over Ignacio Rebullosa who was on his bicycle. Rebullosa died at the scene. Police further indicated that Almeda continued driving and then struck Lodis Gant, 62, who was standing on a sidewalk. Gant was taken to Community Regional Medical Center where surgeons reattached his arm, which had been sheared off when Almeda struck him with his car.

After hitting both vicitms, Almeda sped away, police said. He eventually drove his car into a wall, then failed to comply with police when they ordered him to surrender. He then began fighting with police, who then shot him non-lethally and subdued him, at which point he was placed under arrest.

Later toxicology tests revealed that Almeda had cocaine in his system at the time he hit both victims with his car.