Fresno Man Sentenced to 14 Years for Brutal Attack On Elderly Woman During Burglary

A man from Fresno was recently sentenced to California state prison for attacking an elderly woman in 2011. Jamar Mayo, 21, was sentenced to 14 years to life for burglarizing an elderly woman’s home and kidnapping and beating her. According to Judge Alvin Harrell III, Mayo “committed a crime with a high degree of cruelty, viciousness and callousness.” Mayo’s sentence carries a possibility of parole.

According to the Fresno Bee, shortly before Christmas 2011 “Mayo and his high school buddy, Vincent Deen, broke into the woman’s northeast Fresno home and beat her. They then used duct tape to bind her legs and arms and cover her mouth before they stuffed her in the trunk of her car.”

The two men intended to drive away in the woman’s car, which they packed with items stolen from her house, with the intention of killing her. However, they were blocked from driving away from the property when the elderly woman’s daughter arrived and parked behind the victim’s vehicle. The elderly woman was later found by police in the trunk of the car.

In testimony during the sentencing hearing, the woman told the court that she remains frightened, suffers nightmares, and sleeps with a weapon at her side every night. She testified that, during the burglary, Mayo stood and watched his accomplice beat her and tie her up, and that he was the one who bound her with duct tape.

Mayo apologized to the woman in court. “Words cannot express my sorrow or how remorseful I am,” he said.

Mayo’s criminal defense attorney asked Judge Harrell to sentence his client to probation, considering he had confessed to police and pleaded guilty.

However, Judge Harrell rejected the request.

This was not a mistake,” said Judge Harrell. “It was a planned, calculated criminal endeavor to victimize an elderly woman. It’s unspeakable and completely unacceptable.”