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United States v. Marvin M

Description: Alleged conspiracy to commit mail theft, mail theft from mailboxes, possession of stolen mail, obstruction of correspondence, criminal forfeiture.


Practice Area: Felony Crimes | Attorney: Mark A. Broughton

Motion to Reduce Felony to Misdemeanor and Expunge Case

Description: I filed and argued a motion to reduce a Vehicle Code 23153 to a misdemeanor pursuant to Penal Code 17(b) and expunge the case pursuant to 1203.4, and the motions were granted.

Outcome: Motions were granted

Practice Area: Expungement | Attorney: Christina A. Widner

People v. Armando Ortiz

Description: 17 year old boy convicted by a jury of murdering a young pregnant girl during a robbery of a convenience store, While serving 2 life terms for a crime he didn’t commit, his conviction was overturned on a habeas petition by the Innocence Project of Northern California. I was appointed by the Fresno County Superior Court to represent him for retrial – I did not represent him in his previous trial. After investigation and preparation for retrial, I was able to convince the prosecution that Armando was at another place at the time of the murder, and the case was dismissed on eve of the second trial.

Outcome: Double murder conviction reversed, case dismissed

Practice Area: Murder, Homicide & Violent Crimes | Attorney: Mark A. Broughton

People v. McFarland

Description: Client charged with strike offense of residential burglary with resident present.

Outcome: Our motion to dismiss on Federal and State Constitutional ground was granted. Case was dismissed in its entirety.

Practice Area: Felony Crimes | Attorney: Jeffrey T. Hammerschmidt

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