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People v. Logan M.

Description: Client charged with felony theft with one prior strike and three prison priors for total exposure of 9 years prison with 15% eligible good time credits.

Outcome: Misdemeanor probation with 27 actual days jail credit and 32 additional days to serve on the Adult Offender Work Program.

Practice Area: Felony Crimes | Attorney: Jeffrey T. Hammerschmidt

People v. Yeng Yang

Description: Defendant, alleged to be a member of a certain criminal street gang, was driving in a residential area alleged by the prosecution to be rival gang territory. His girlfriend was in the passenger seat, and his friend was in the rear seat. Unexpectedly, a man the prosecution said was a member of a rival gang, fired an assault weapon at the car as it drove down the street, hitting the defendant driver, his girlfriend, and killing the rear passenger. The shooter AND the Driver (who was my client) were charged together with first degree murder – the driver on a “provocative act” murder theory. After pretrial motions on the day of trial, the prosecution dismissed the murder charges against defendant driver.

Outcome: Murder case dismissed!

Practice Area: Murder, Homicide & Violent Crimes, Gang Crimes | Attorney: Mark A. Broughton

DMV Hearing

Description: I appeared at a DMV Hearing and argued that a license suspension should be set aside because there was insufficient evidence of blood alcohol level at the time of driving.

Outcome: Suspension was set aside

Practice Area: Professional License Discipline | Attorney: Christina A. Widner

United States v. Cole

Description: Client was charged with real estate fraud. The United States Sentencing Guidelines provided for a guideline range sentence of 27 to 33 months federal prison.

Outcome: Client was sentenced to five months federal prison.

Practice Area: White Collar Crimes | Attorney: Jeffrey T. Hammerschmidt

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