Most Common Summertime Criminal Charges

Did you know that crime statistics vary seasonally? The hot weather brings with it not only a well-documented uptick in crime in general but also an increase in specific types of criminal charges. There are several theories behind this trend, one of the most popular being that the warm weather brings people together more frequently, which means potential criminals and their victims are likelier to be in the same place at the same time. People are more likely to vacate their homes for travel or other activities, leaving their property susceptible to burglars. Additionally, the summer break means juvenile delinquents are likelier to be wandering the neighborhood with extra free time on their hands, and without the supervision, they typically receive at school.

As criminal defense attorneys, we’re accustomed to seeing an increase in the frequency of violent criminal charges during the summer months. More people being in close proximity to one another with the aggravating influence of the heat creates circumstances ripe for conflict to emerge. Here in San Jose, that means greater instances of assault, battery, domestic violence, gang-related crime, and even homicide. When presenting a case before a judge and jury, it is vital that your attorney factor in the environmental changes that play a role in crime.

If you’re in search of legal representation, it’s imperative that you choose an attorney who understands the relationship between the climate and your specific criminal charges. Having the knowledge to present these significant mitigating factors to a court of law can make the difference between reduced or even dismissed charges, and a harsher penalty. We at Hammerschmidt combine years of experience and education to offer you the most comprehensive possible criminal defense. Regardless of your unique circumstances, we are standing by to see to it that you receive the representation you need and deserve.