Avoid a DUI, Take UBER

Mother’s Against Drunk Driving estimates that nearly 300,000 people a day drive after having too much to drink. Every fifty-two minutes someone is killed in a crash in which the consumption of alcohol is a factor. The risk of injuring or killing someone is not all that drunk drivers should be concerned about. There is also a high risk of being caught and arrested for driving under the influence. There is a simple way to avoid a DUI, take UBER.

A study was conducted in Seattle in 2013 as to what effect UBER had on the number of DUI arrests. Before UBER started operating in 2013 there were approximately 2,750 DUI arrests a year. After UBER began it’s operation in Seattle the DUI arrest rates fell by 10%. This fall in DUI arrests is attributed to the entrance of ridesharing networks, namely UBER. In California, drunk driving crashes have fallen by 60 per month in all of the California cities in which UBER operates. This data shows that more and more people are making better choices after having too much to drink. You can avoid a DUI, take UBER.

UBER is convenient, all you need to do is download the app for your smartphone and enter your payment information and you are pretty much set to go. There is also a promotional code you can use that will make your first ride free (up to a specific dollar amount). The app finds your location and summons a driver. The app shows you exactly where the driver is on a map until the driver reaches your pickup location. It will also estimate the cost of your trip. It is simple and cheap to avoid a DUI, take UBER.

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