Arrested For Solicitation For Prostitution In California?

California’s law against prostitution, California Penal Code section 647(b), makes it a crime to engage in, agree to engage in, offer, or seek out sex acts in exchange for money or another form of compensation. Solicitation for prostitution means to offer or accept money or other compensation for sex. Persuading, inducing, or urging someone to do something is solicitation. In order to obtain  a conviction for solicitation for prostitution, the prosecutor must prove the defendant had the specific intent to engage in prostitution.

The prosecutor may prove the defendant had the specific intent to engage in prostitution by showing that the defendant engaged in some conduct which confirms the intent such as withdrawing money from the bank, driving to a location where the sex act will take place, or having a prostitute get in the vehicle. A person can still be charged with  solicitation for prostitution in California even if the sexual act is never completed.

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