Alternative Sentences for Drug Crimes

If you’ve been charged with a drug crime, you don’t necessarily have to spend time in jail as punishment. Alternative sentencing is available for those charged with drug crimes to avoid penalties such as jail or prison. This sentencing is mostly available for drug crimes where there is no sales allegation but can also be used for other crimes like domestic violence or theft. If you have been charged with a drug crime, it is very important for you to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. A lawyer can help negotiate an alternative sentence for you, so you don’t have to go to jail.

Suspended Sentence: It is possible for the judge to suspend your sentence versus pursue the penalty of jail time. The sentence is actually decided upon but the judge does not hand the sentence down. There are a few reasons why a judge may decide to suspend a sentence, but the most common reasons are first time offenses or mild offenses.

Community Service: One of the more attractive forms of alternative sentencing, court-ordered community service allows you to help the community and avoid jail time. Community service can be as simple as picking up litter on the side of the road. Community service is usually offered to first time offenders or for less serious offenses.

Fines: A stiff fine could be a better alternative to jail time, even if it hurts your wallet. The amount of money paid will be dependent on the severity of the crime. Fines are usually for white-collar crimes, not violent crimes like rape or robbery.

House Arrest: If prison time is not an option, house arrest is an alternative. Usually sick or vulnerable individuals are given house arrest.

If you’ve been convicted of a drug crime, contact the criminal defense attorneys at the Hammerschmidt Law Corporation. We’ve got years of experience assisting people charged with drug crimes get alternative sentences instead jail time. Call our office today.